Visa office in moscow, russia

According to the decree of the government of the russian federation №635-r of march 16, 2020 for the purpose of ensuring state security, protecting public health and non-proliferation of a new coronavirus infection entry to the territory of the russian federation is restricted until further notice. The majority of international applicants who want to study in russia will need a passport and a visa. The process for obtaining a visa to russia is an extremely bureaucratic one and thanks to this, many companies have taken advantage of the opportunity to do business related to it. When filling out the electronic visa application form at: choose «multiple» from the drop-down menu and indicate a 3-year period of stay starting from the date of entry in your visa support documents (invitation).

Student visas are normally issued within two or three weeks. Before going into detail about the russian visa application process, it’s important to answer a few questions in order to better understand the procedures. Your visa must include your entry and exit dates meaning the first and last date that you will be in the country. Remember that the visa application form must be filled out with information from your letter of invitation and must clearly state the dates of your visit and which cities you will be staying in. Because of this, it’s better to gather your documents and complete the form once you have all of the information you need for the Visa to Russia application.

Also, note that tourists from all over the world on board large cruise ships have the right to stay in the russian federation without a visa for up to 72 hours provided living on board of a ferry or within a territory defined by the group tour program. You can start the process of obtaining an invitation 45 days prior to the actual travel date.

It is strongly recommended that you provide all documentation listed in any relevant checklists (even suggested information) at time of lodgement or by the next business day following the lodgement of your application. Foreigners may be required to present their passport when exchanging money at banks, hotels and money changers. Check the validity of the visa issued to ensure that it covers the period of stay requested, the number or entries required, and that it is valid for the purpose of trip immediately after collection of the passport.

All other websites that offer russian visa are not authorized agencies but simply private companies that act as intermediaries and make the final cost of the visa a lot more. The document should be issued in russian and in english and be valid for three months. After this period you should apply to the local division of the general administration for migration issues of the interior ministry of russia for a visa extension.

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