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Streaming’s a jungle. Encourage fans to save music in their own playlists and share it. Call out and profile those that do to encourage it further. Keep in mind that just because a playlist cycles your song out after one month doesn’t necessarily mean your streams stop in all cases. Building a strong audience on social media is one of the easiest ways to get more traffic to your music on spotify.

This sometimes leads people to dupe spotify users into believing they are a particular artist when they are not. With other music pr companies focusing only on reviews and radio plays, we extend our product offering to accommodate for the new industry of music streaming. Spotify leads the streaming market with over 130 million paid subscribers and over 286 million active users in over 80 countries.

However, the most important work, outside of the spotify playlist submissions themselves, is in building a co-ordinated pr, radio, social media and marketing effort around your music that is being promoted to the playlists. There’s no point Spotify Promotion time and energy uploading music on spotify if you don’t have an audience. Even though your goal is about getting discovered, having a huge following on spotify and garnering huge numbers such as 500,000 listeners a month will make it effortlessly easy for spotify and playlist curators to suggest your music.

Streaming farms and streaming fraud isn’t exclusive to just spotify, and can happen on any streaming platform that pays artists. Prior to and during your playlist promotion campaign you will need to engage with playlist curators who have added your music to their playlists by giving them a ‘shoutout’ on social media and bringing your fans to them.

Share playlists that feature your music over direct links, since playlists drive the maximum amount of streams per listening session. The main playlists are controlled by the editorial team at spotify or the major labels but there is no reason you can’t submit your music to some independent spotify curators and work your way up that way.

Megabuzz spotify promotion service pitches to our database of hundreds of suitable playlists for your music. Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from artists all over the world. Most of these popular playlists drive discovery, chart performance, and sales, and the taste-makers creating them aren’t just teenagers compiling their favorite songs.

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