Custom metal garages

A regular style metal garage is the most economical option available and is great in areas that don’t experience heavy winds or lots of rain. Our metal garages are custom-built in the size, layout, and color you want and come with free delivery and installation. We understand how frustrating it can be having to wash layers of pollen off your car or when you get soaked carrying groceries inside. These situations are headaches everyone tries to avoid, but what if we told you that you could avoid it all?

This roof style is the most popular and forms the standard for all metal buildings. Our regular-roof is engineered to make the structure sturdy while cutting on costs. The roof’s ridges run parallel to the sides on a regular roof. You will get a very spacious storage area for parking up to 3 cars with our 3-car garage.

Just like the other garages on this list, you can customize this metal garage to serve multiple purposes. For instance, you could partition it to have several separate rooms. The metal garages could be included or left open, and you may also have one side for parking and the other for storage. Strength—a metal garage is strong because it is made from galvanized steel.

Here at coast to coast carports, we have a large selection of versatile, affordable metal garages to choose from. And for those customers who have multiple vehicles to shelter or require an ample amount of space, our three-car metal garages could be just the answer for you. Being able to take control of your dreams is important to us here at coast to coast carports, especially when it comes to your dream steel garage building. Of the many customization options we offer, our standard and premium colors are one of the most important. We currently provide 14 color options to choose from, each of them available in our 29- and 26-gauge panels.

Galvanized steel offers unbeatable strength properties at a fraction of the cost and weight of other materials. That means that they offer superior protection and storage space at far less the cost of traditional garages. The ridges of the steel panels in a horizontal roof run parallel to the sides of the carport or garage. On a vertical roof, the ridges of the steel panels run from the top of the carport or garage to the sides.

Metal garages are fully-enclosed buildings, sturdy and effective to protect your cars and vehicles. At carport direct, you can find a wide range of steel garages for any purpose to store your valuable assets. Now select your garage, customize, and then order your metal garage online. All of our garages are quoted with the far superior vertical style roof.

A few of these color options include barn red, black, earth brown, quaker gray, rawhide, and many more. If you would like to know more about our available colors, feel free to visit our website or give one of our friendly building specialists a call. Various factors will determine the price of your dream metal garage, including dimensions, roof-style, and customization options. The advantage of being able to customize your steel garage is that you get the chance to include just as much as you can afford. The bottom line; if you can imagine it, we can build it at affordable rates.

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