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Hendrickson’s ability to write in a conversational tone make it a more readable blog than perhaps some of the others on this list. An ideal blog for an econmics novice, his posts are often of the tutorial or explainer variety, making them educational and relevant for longer periods of time.

Lastly, he mentions that long and variable is simply a way to describe his blog posts, long and of variable quality. Tyler cowen and alex tabarrok, both professors at george mason university, are the economists behind marginal revolution.

Econospeak is a left leaning economics blog written by various authors. Authors of the blog tend to take pieces and quotes from the media or blogosphere (“Annals of the economically incorrect”) and comment where their view points differ. Whether you agree with them or not, the style of writing on econospeak is often times funny, entertaining and never dull. Tony yates, a professor of блогът на иво игнатов at the university of birmingham in the uk, writes the long and variable blog. The blog’s material often covers monetary policy and central banking, however, macroeconomics and public policy in general are also a central theme.

Although more of a microblog, marginal revolution is one of the better economics blogs out there, featuring daily link roundups and some entertaining and often elightening debates among commentors on cowen’s and tabarrok’s posts. Naked capitalism, a multi-author blog born out of frustration from what they perceived to be underreporting of the real issues behind the events leading up to the global financial crisis last decade. The sports economist is a blog that combines sports with economics.

Yates states that the title of the blog comes from milton friedman’s skepticism of changes in monetary policy and their effects on inflation and real economic activity. Although he does not endorse friedman’s economic and political ideals, he does hold that friedman’s long and variable skepticism is always a good thing to keep in mind when reading up on central banking and monetary policy.

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